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Joined: 12th Nov 2013
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12th Nov 2013

Hey Everyone! It has been a hell of a long time, hope everything is going well! just wanted to stop by and post on the new site to let you guys know that an old Clan from BF2 posted on the old Rx2 Site. Yamil from JOG posted up their new site along with hopes of keeping a close community for BF3. They also wanted to know our thoughts about the upcoming game, and also that JOG is currently playing battlefield 4 and CoD ghosts.

Other then that I wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing. Hope to see some old faces when Battlefront 3 comes out, and as always, many more years of Rx2 owning the gaming world.

Rx2: We Kill You

Rx2 Squall- aka Vengetralic (new name just incase anyone comes across it =p)
Forum » The Royal Renegades » General Discussion
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