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Portal 2 with Bonus!!
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Joined: 25th Jul 2010
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7th May 2011

Started a new topic for this...played single player last night and it was fun...basically its a FPS but you have a gun that can make two portals and you have to use it to solve "chambers" to move on, the story is comical, reminds me of Borderlands... fun game to play and im sure they will add DLC later for it also... half the game is single but the other is coop with alot of fun trophies that would take some teamwork to do...I totally recommend it and I think Scratch n Mobe will b getting it???!!????

GAMESTOP sent me this....$20 Off!!!! Get it!!

Portal 2 - Save $20

Purchase a new copy of Portal 2 at GameStop and save $20 between now and Sunday, May 15.

The innovative gameplay is back with a cast of new characters, fresh puzzle elements and a host of devious test chambers. Be sure to keep an eye on GLaDOS; you never know what she might be up to.

Buy the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC versions from your local GameStop or on GameStop.com and get your $20 discount applied automatically.

Hurry, offer ends soon!

Ps3 Trophies - #717 in the World!!!

Joined: 20th Aug 2010
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31st May 2011

I will crack this game open over the weekend so I can get a feel for it.

Forum » The Royal Renegades » Ps3 Games
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