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SWBF3 Garbage..
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2nd May 2011

Posted on BFC....

wow stern sucks at posting....this video could have gave what "proof" he had in 4 minutes... half is swbf history then fail of swbf3 then what he would think would make game better....plz summarize next time..

1. He says "“I think Spark Unlimited will make this game"...hes not 100&
2. His evidence from the spark unlimited wesite
http://www.sparkunlimited ... .com/projects.html
"On the website “We are currently working on an unannounced production and staffing across numerous positions. Stay tuned for future updates. See our current jobs listings for more information.”
"3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets."

DAMN...ANY syfy GAME can fit this...ie. Aliens, Predator, armored core, avatar, i could go on and on...

3. This company is employee owned and small and has made alot of Crap games....not looking good...

Please stop grasping at straws....

Ps3 Trophies - #717 in the World!!!

Forum » The Royal Renegades » Ps3 Games
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